Did a quick painting for a kids Halloween party

My cousin has kids and for the first time threw them a party for Halloween. They had a bunch of kids over from the neighborhood and from school, etc. My cousin was stressing and wanted this to be a cool party, so he asked me to draw a witch as part of one of the games. Instead of Pon the Tail on the Donkey, they played Pin the Wart on the Witch. The kids were totally bored with the game, but I was stoked cuz it gave me an excuse to paint (it was just cheap acrylics, nothing fancy).  

I wouldn’t call it a “painting”.

this is my friend GO WATCH HIM AND SHARE (Organ Trail game trailer)

Ya that’s My friend playing Clements in this game trailer. The trailer’s pretty bad ass, so you should share it and watch it many times.

I never played the original game but I’m only one of 17 people in the civilized world who hasn’t done so yet (the other 16 are blind and no one would turn on their text-to-type). Which really doesn’t matter, cuz the game is called Organ Trail, not Oregon Trail. Booyakasha. This game looks raw. And check out my friend and his muttons. HA!

Does anyone else feel that these Secret Wars minis are crap?

Seriously. This isn’t a slam against the creators; it just that it feels like these stories are being told because people want to keep their job (as opposed to having legit stories they want to tell). Take, for example, Future Imperfect. Great fuckin’ artwork. And I don’t even like Greg Land. Normally, his stuff always seems stiff and photo-refferenced all over the floor. However, he destroys it on Future Imperfect: he’s got tons of bulky, exaggerated Hulk and nice, dynamic action spilling of all the actions scenes.

Ruby Summers
See what I mean? This stuff is DOPE!! (that’s Ruby Summers, Cyclops and Emma Frost’s daughter from the future)
Yet, despite the amazing art job, the story has a plodding pace that kills any enjoyment of the first 4 issues. The final issue, however, is really frickin good. So good that it almost made up for the bore contained in the first four.
Which leads me to my point: this should have a been a single issue, done-in-one story. Cuz that’s about how much story there was too tell. Yet, since it was a Marvel Event, and editorial needed a 5 issue story, this one, very good story was stretched to become one long story that wast mostly all boring.

Which is a lot more than I can say about the other Secret War mini I am going to mention: Spider-verse. Now I bought this book because I am collecting every appearance of Spider-Gwen.

Doesn’t do much in this story except fail at making new friends.
But fuck you Marvel, ‘cuz you know that there are a lot of people like me who were going to buy this book since the millisecond it was announced. And because of that, you knew you could throw any schlock in between those covers and it would sell until the last issue. And you did.
Again, I don’t know if I would fault the creators: I liked the indy feel to the art, and the writer did a good job at differentiating all the different Spider-characters. However, the plot was a very basic “we need an excuse to get these characters together as a team”, and as we now know, the book is just a lead-in to the upcoming Web Warriors series (stupid idea, IMO- the original Spider-verse was a lot of fun, now please let it die already!). Thank God-Doom for Spider-Ham. Spider-HamEvertything he says in this book is gold, and each of his scenes are maximum entertaining. His interactions with the other characters almost make up for the flatness of the plot.
I haven’t read any reviews yet or heard legit word-of-mouth on any break-out minis that are like OMG I GOTTA HAVE THIS. (Remember how the original Edge of Spider-verse was like that?) If I do hear/read/smell anything, I’ll share it here.

Holy wow I didn’t expect this book to be this good!!

One of my über smart friends from college picked up one of the random books I had in my pile on day. It was written by Zander Cannon. My friend was all, “this guy knows his story construction.” or something along those lines. Dude was smart, so I took his word for it and bought more issues. I never actually read them- still have them somewhere.

Years later, I see this book, Kaijumax on the shelves. I don’t like Ultra Man, or giant monster movies, or Godzilla or even prison movies (except Shashank Redemption). Yet, somehow, I am loving this book. Give it maybe 3 or 4 issues if you aren’t feeling with issue #1 (I’ll admit, I didn’t feel that issue either). The story takes a few issues to put the pieces into place, but once it gets there things really take off.

The final issue of the 1st story arc is released this Wednesday, which means if you can’t track down all of the back issues, the collected trade paperback should be available soon.

in honor of Batman Day (or whatever it is people are talking about)

batman bust w inksLong story short, because of a viral crap thing, I needed to change my profile picture to a picture of Batman. I was trying to think of something creative to use, like a picture of Adam West in costume, when I figured that it was time to pick up a pencil again and draw my own picture. I did this in a few hours (most of the time was spent trying to navigate the crappy paint program on my iPad 3 that I used to color it). I WON’T be giving a plug to that program. On a tangental note, I need to check out if the new super iPad + Apple pencil is cheaper than one of those monster Wacom tablets that let you draw directly on your art. Cuz that’s what I need in my life.